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The Assault Rifle (commonly referred to as the AR) has been, and still is the standard choice of arms since its invention in World War II for most armed forces. It is a highly adaptable weapon able to be customized to fit most jobs, performing reasonably good at all ranges, favoring medium-to-close ranges, but often failing against weapons specializing in one particular role, like Bolt Action and Combat Rifles at range and against Sub-Machine Guns in close-quarters. It is the default starting receiver for all characters. Assault Rifles have medium damage, a medium-high fire-rate, moderate recoil and average accuracy. It is the default weapon receiver of all Agents and is accompanied by the "Overmatch FB-RX" Muzzle, "Frontier B.SEV" Barrel, "Vulcan STD-01 AR" Magazine, "Titan x2.7 Tact" Scope and the "Silverwood lrF-2 Tactical" Stock with no camo or weapon-tag equipped.


This receiver is designed to be the all-purpose tool, reasonably powerful at both close and far range, but excels in medium range combat.

The default statistics for the weapon goes as follows:

Standard Tactical Knight
AMMO: 30/120 RELOAD: 2.40s
ZOOM: 1.30 SCOPE IN: 0.22s
SPREAD-AIM: 0.80° RECOIL: 3.85°
SPREAD-HIP: 2.29° RANGE: 45/100
SPREAD-MOVE: 4.15° RUN: 0.00


As the Assault Rifle is issued to all incoming Agents, it cannot be purchased with GP or Zen and is the permanent default primary weapon.


It can take many names from "Rebel" to "Templar". Go here for a full list of names.

Premade Weapons[]

This is a list of premades, both current and past.

Alpha P2.0 'Desert Grave'

Briar JLM.5 SOLO

Briar Mod-XSi Grasshopper

Briar X9 'Urban Marksman'

Frontier 257 Stormfront

Frontier STI-01 Crusher

Krane ModZ 'Rebel Rouser'

MARS Frontier DBL

Silverwood SBD 'Payback'

The Regulator AR

Primary Weapons

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Secondary Weapons

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Melee Weapons

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