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The Bolt Action Rifle (commonly referred to as the BAR) is a primary weapon specialized for long range combat. It is a precision weapon for those who follow the mantra, "One shot, one kill". Firing the heavy 7.62x60mm round (stated on the side of the extended magazine), this weapon is extremely powerful and accurate, countered by its low fire rate, magazine capacity and its heavy weight. As long as weapon damage is 180 or less, this weapon is perfectly accurate (firing exactly where the crosshair is) whilst scoped in, able to fire accurately enough to hit the head of an enemy Agent at any range consistently. Therefore, spread is commonly looked over and it is recommended to customize the weapon to deal maximum damage and to attach a reasonably accurate scope. This weapon performs better the further you are from the enemy, preferably beyond the effective range of the Assault Rifle and Sub-Machine Gun receivers to allow you to pick heads at a distance, without the low fire-rate and ammunition count (default 5 rounds) without leaving you vulnerable to return fire from enemies who somehow survive or their allies seeking retribution. This weapon out of all weapons receives the greatest bonus from the headshot multiplier, with a clean headshot killing all enemies regardless of health or nodes. The damage may be capped at 200 without using datanodes, resulting in a one-hit kill on characters wearing stock armor.


The default statistics for the weapon goes as follows:

Standard Tactical Paladin
AMMO: 5/20 RELOAD: 4.37s
ZOOM: 1.30 SCOPE IN: 0.22s
SPREAD-AIM: 0.00° RECOIL: 12.90°
SPREAD-HIP 6.88° RANGE: 160/180
SPREAD-MOVE: 13.21° RUN: -0.50

Tips and Builds[]

As previously mentioned, the Bolt-Action Rifle works best when utilized for maximum damage as aimed spread is non-existent and hipfire is unlikely to hit a target reliably when firing multiple shots or moving. Recoil is also a stat worth ignoring as this is easily corrected for while the bolt is being pulled back, while the scope is, of course, a personal preference, a high-zoom scope is the best paired to such a weapon. An example of a high-damage rifle build can be found below:-

Incendiary Thundering Nightmare
Reciever Bolt-Action Rifle
Muzzle Vulcan R19 Rift
Barrel Krane GX3 Heavy
Scope Armcom ESK-VL Sniper
Magazine Foiche INCD1 BA
Stock Taurex ACP Mod 0

The above setup provides a total of 220 damage per shot, allowing a sniper to kill most enemies with a single shot to the body, unless they are wearing a full heavy armor set. The single drawback is that provided an enemy has around 210 or more points of health and a Heal Injector Mk.1, they can heal themselves before dying, due to the smaller initial damage of the incendiary round. A player can also substitute non-elemental ammo to provide an instant 200 points of damage from a body shot, capable of instantly killing an enemy wearing the default armor setup.

When using the Bolt-Action Rifle at longer ranges, it is optimal to use the bottom half of the central crosshair of the scope when aiming for the head, otherwise you will either go above, or the shot will hit the Agent's neck, which doesn't have the same 2x multiplier of the head, often leaving sturdier foes with HP to spare, and giving them time to run away whilst you have to re-chamber another round.


Permanent: 6250 GP / 500 Zen

The Bolt Action Rifle can also be permanently unlocked by purchasing the Sniper Kit.


It can take many names from "Paladin" to "Hunter". Go here for a full list of names.

Premade Weapons[]

This is a list of premades, both current and past.

Krane BP-15 Tomahawk

Titan Duchess BAR

Titan RAS-6 Warlord

Titan RXL 'Vanquisher'

Titan VG 'Unstoppable'

Vulcan ACP-3 Commando

Vulcan Elite 'Ruffzmc01'


Text on the side of the receiver reads "ANTI-MATERIAL RIFLE". This is not to be confused with the Anti-Materiel Rifle.

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