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The Burstfire Rifle (commonly referred to as the "BR" and the "BFR") is a primary receiver which excels at all ranges, taking full advantage of the skill of the user. The Burstfire Rifle is unique among most other receivers in that it features a bullpup-configuration and fires short, three-round bursts in semi-automatic fashion with an enforced wait time between bursts. Due to the magazine being loaded behind the trigger mechanism and into the stock, an entirely separate set of stocks are required for weapon customization. Aside from the magazine and stock, all components are interchangeable with most other receivers.

In combat, the Burstfire Rifle is an all-purpose weapon system, providing great accuracy and good damage at all ranges. This makes the receiver a solid contender to more range-specialized weapon systems such as the Combat Rifle and the Bolt Action Rifle. The accuracy of the initial shot, coupled with a relatively low spread angle gives this receiver in particular superior hip-fire characteristics compared to most other firearms.

Mastering the Burstfire Rifle requires a good feel for its spread and recoil, using the right mode of aiming in any situation, and developing a sense of timing between shots, depending on the range of the target. The damage of the Burstfire Rifle allows one to two-burst kills to be performed on all agents, irrespective of their health and armor by aiming so that the last shot climbs to the head, or compensating for the recoil to drive all shots into a single point, be that an Agent's head or the weak point of a Hardsuit or Scorpion Tank.

Drawbacks to the Burstfire Rifle lies in its 'jack-of-all-trades' nature, meaning that while the rifle excels at all ranges and combat situations, it gets outclassed by the more specialized receivers in the right situations. Despite superior stats across the board, the Burstfire Rifle has a slower reload speed and weighs more than its practical counterpart, the Assault Rifle.


This receiver is a great tool for eliminating long ranged targets whilst not being vulnerable at close quarter confrontation.

The default statistics for the weapon goes as follows:

Standard Tactical Hatchet
AMMO: 30/120 RELOAD: 3.13s
ZOOM: 1.30 SCOPE IN: 0.22s
SPREAD-AIM: 0.20° RECOIL: 5.95°
SPREAD-HIP: 1.72° RANGE: 60/100
SPREAD-MOVE: 5.07° RUN: -0.15


Permanent: 6250 GP / 500 Zen


It can take many names from "Hatchet" to "Tomahawk". (not to be confused with the gear item Tomahawk). Go here for a full list of names.

Premade Weapons[]

This is a list of premades, both current and past.

ArmCom Mod I Bully

'Caustic Archon Redemption' BFR

FT-90 Fortune

Frontier PCR Cyclops

Krane A4 Lazarus

Krane LionS1 Killhouse

MMRS BP-SR Goliath


  • Due to the nature of the sight rail, the Burstfire Rifle is incompatible with the Silverwood CH-X25 RM scope.
  • The receiver component features a fire selector for both single-shot and burst-fire modes. This is purely cosmetic and has no effect on gameplay.
  • The Burstfire Rifle remains a commonly banned receiver from most competitive rulesets.
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