By leveling up, Agents may unlock new components for their weapons, gaining access to new equipment to assist them on the battlefield. As an Agent levels up, they unlock more and more components for their weapons. These components gradually get better and better as you level up further. These increases, however, are not large, and consequently do not give higher-leveled players a big advantage against lower-leveled players in terms of technology available to them. Currently, the highest level attainable is Level 50.

To know more about the experience (XP) requirements for leveling up, visit: Levels.


Level 1 - 0xp

Primary weapon unlocks
Assault rifle Receiver.
Overmatch FB-RX Muzzle.
ArmCom SYS3 Muzzle.
Hullbreach ZNi Nexus Muzzle.
Frontier SRM01 Muzzle.
Frontier B.SEV Barrel.
Silverwood X35 CQC Barrel.
Titan FFB-57 Extended Barrel.
Vulcan STD-01 Magazine.
Vulcan STD-02L Magazine.
Vulcan STD-03Q Magazine.
Titan x2.7 Tact Scope.
Lightsky L3 Aim Point Scope.
Krane FP-G38 Modulated Scope.
Silverwood lrF-2 Tactical Stock.
Frontier Uls-Ultralight Stock.
Krane COGs GX Stock.
Devil Girl Weapon-tag.
Standard Issue Camo.
Secondary weapon unlocks
Equipment unlocks

Level 2 - 2,000xp

Primary weapon unlocks
MMRS Flip-Up IS2 Scope.
Silverwood BRS Tactical Stock.
Secondary weapon unlocks
Equipment unlocks

Level 30 - 1,833,699xp

Primary weapon unlocks
Silverwood EX LR Barrel.
ArmCom ESK-VL Sniper Scope.
ArmCom AC10 Sharp Stock.
Secondary weapon unlocks
Equipment unlocks