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Combat Points (abbreviated as CP) are points earned in matches. They may be spent in a Weapon Depot, used to purchase Health refills, Ammo refills, or heavy weapons. Combat Points scale with your score. They are limited to a single game, and may not be spent outside of a match. CP are obtained by killing enemy players, achieving game-mode specific objectives, or assisting your teammates.

For collecting 5000 CP during a single match the title Gun For Hire is rewarded.

Basic Kill Rewards[edit | edit source]

Eliminated +100CP or +125CP (TDM)

Headshot: +25CP

Bounty +25CP

Killing Sprees[edit | edit source]

Killing Spree +10CP

Dominating +25CP

Unstoppable +50CP

Professional Killer +100CP

Beast mode +100CP

Warlord +50CP

Double Kill +20CP

Triple Kill +30CP

Clean Sweep +???CP

Revenge +20CP

Rival agent eliminated +25CP

Assist: +25CP

Objective Rewards[edit | edit source]

Time spent standing next to objective in node based game modes +10CP every 5/10 seconds.

CTF[edit | edit source]

(CTF) Capturing & Returning Flag to Base: +250CP

DOM[edit | edit source]

Standing Near a Node point and acquiring a kill: +200CP

Killing enemy agent that stands near a Node +???CP

KOTH[edit | edit source]

Standing at KOTH-Node when capturing is completed +300CP

Having assisted in capturing KOTH-Node but not finishing +150CP

Kill Confirmed[edit | edit source]

Collecting Kill-Data +???CP

Deny Kill-Data +???CP

NETWAR[edit | edit source]

SIEGE[edit | edit source]

Destroy Scorpion-Tank +???CP

Hack Gateway +???CP

Other Rewards[edit | edit source]

Healed Teammate: +20CP

Revived Teammate +50CP

Destroyed enemy deployable +10CP

Morale boost +25CP