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The Combat Rifle (commonly referred to as the CR) is a semi-automatic rifle which fills the role of a DMR (a Designated Marksman Rifle) or a semi-automatic sniper rifle, by firing a higher damage round, more accurately over further distances. It's main role is a support weapon, being able to extend the range of a smaller squad of Agents armed with Assault Rifles and SMGs. It is a high damage, precision weapon featuring many of the traits of a sniper rifle like a high-accuracy, high damage and a relatively low magazine size. The Combat Rifle excels at medium to long ranges, but often fails against the shot-capability of Bolt-Action rifles at extreme distances due to the relatively low damage compared to the BAR. The Combat Rifle also has another trait of the sniper rifle, where the first shot fired from Tight-Aim will always be in the dead centre of the crosshair. The Combat Rifle excels at counter-sniping at medium roles due to the fact that with the semi-automatic nature allows you to get three shots to the chest on most builds, faster than the Bolt-Action Rifle's two. However, it does fall prey to sniper rifles where the single headshot required to kill for a BAR will be significantly faster than a 2 headshot kill by combat rifle.

The Combat Rifle is, however, still a support weapon and as such is much less effective for a lone-wolf where you will be at risk due to your poor hip-fire and lack of automatic fire and the Combat Rifle's small magazine size of 10 rounds. Hence, it is much safer to travel with team-mates who are armed with automatic weapons, or to stay far from the conflict, picking off enemies from a distance.


This receiver is designed for long range combat but can fair well in medium range combat. Similar to the Bolt Action Rifle, it is not good in close quarter confrontation due to its lack of "spray-ability".

The default statistics for the weapon goes as follows:

Standard Tactical Hotshot
AMMO: 10/40 RELOAD: 2.33s
ZOOM: 1.30 SCOPE IN: 0.22s
SPREAD-AIM: 0.00° RECOIL: 8.23°
SPREAD-HIP: 2.58° RANGE: 160/180
SPREAD-MOVE: 3.66° RUN: -0.25


Permanent: 6250 GP / 500 Zen


It can take many names from "Hot-shot" to "Lance". Go here for a full list of names.

Premade Weapons

This is a list of premades, both current and past.

ArmCom 77.3 The Ogre

Briar Chronos CQ-CR

Briar Deacon A1-CR

Frontier B.R.S. Burning Man

MMRS Ex 'Slammer'

Stealthy Tactical Tryhard

Titan 05E-C Nightstalker

Titan GST 'Sub-Shock Magnum'

Titan Mod-G38 'Hail Mary'

Titan Std Barrage

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