Data Nodes are single-use items which provide a positive gain to stats when equipped to your character. Five data nodes can be equipped at any one time and are constantly active until they expire.

Data Nodes can only be acquired buying a node chance pack for 200GP/25ZEN, or though purchasing of of many other Chance Packs.


Equipped Nodes Example.png

Warning: Some information in this section is based on rumour due to the rarity of high-level nodes, if you have accurate information, please help by expanding and correcting it.

Data Nodes allow a player to further specialise in a chosen build or balance out otherwise weak stats. For example, a heavily armoured player could choose a movement speed or stamina node to allow them to run faster and further than a player of a similar build not using nodes.

Nodes come in five levels of rarity and five levels of effectiveness. These are independent of each other so a player will have a chance of acquiring any rarity node at any level of effectiveness. These levels are explained in the tables below.

Effeciveness Level Time Active
1 1 Day
2 3 Days
3 7 Days
4 30 Days
5 90 Days

Rarity Level Stats Boost
Common Usually +1/2%
Uncommon +3%
Rare +5%
Epic Usually +7/8%
Legendary +10%

Notably, a player cannot socket more than one node that affects the same statistic, for example two +XP nodes, at the same time. In cases such as these the socketed node must be removed to make way for another.


Fusing Data Nodes allows a player to create nodes of greater rarity and effectiveness. Node progression is linear, fusing two Level 1 Common nodes has produces a single Level 2 Common node. Node fusion is however a chance based process, and any fusion will permanently destroy one of the two nodes used in the process regardless of if the fusion is a success or failure. In addition to this, when fusing two nodes of the same rarity and effectiveness, but with different stats, it is random which stat will be transferred to the fused node, but when fusing a higher effectiveness or rarity node with a lower level, the higher level node's stats will always be transferred to a successfully fused node, and if the fusion fails, only the lower level node will be destroyed.
The chance to successfully fuse two nodes increases depending on how close the nodes are to each other in effectiveness and rarity. For example, two level 1 common nodes will have a base chance to fuse of 55%, this can be increased with Zen, but only to a maximum of 65%. Chance to fuse drops by 10% per level of effectiveness difference between nodes, with a much larger drop when the level of rarity is different, but effectiveness the same making it very difficult to fuse nodes with very large differences in both rarity and effectiveness.
Fusion is better explained in the gallery below.

List of Data Nodes[]

A full list of Data Nodes and their statistics is forthcoming.

HRV Duration : Increases HRV duration by __

HRV Cooldown : Decreases HRV recharge by __

Stamina Duration : Increases stamina duration by __

Stamina Recharge : Decreases stamina recharge by __

XP Boost : Gives XP boost of __

CP Boost : Gives CP boost of __

GP Boost : Gives GP boost of __

Health Recovery Cap : Adds %s to health recovery cap __

Health Recovery Speed : Increases health recovery by __

Weapon Switch Speed : Increases weapon switch speed by __

Melee Damage : Increases melee damage by __

Weapon Spread : Decreases weapon spread by __

Weapon Recoil : Decreases weapon recoil by __

Starting CP : Gives starting CP at the start of the match of __

Fall Damage Reduction : Decreases fall damage by __

Movement Speed : Increases movement speed by __

EMP Recovery : Increases recovery from EMP by __

Stun Recovery : Increases recovery from stun mine by __

Repair Gun Duration : Increases repair gun time before a reload is required by __

Toxic Ammo Damage : Increases damage from toxic ammo by __

Explosive Ammo Damage : Increases damage from explosive ammo by __

Electro Ammo Damage : Increases damage from electro ammo by __

Incendiary Ammo Damage : Increases damage from incendiary ammo by __

Normal Ammo Damage : Increases damage from normal ammo by __

Toxic Ammo Resistance : Decreases damage taken from toxic ammo by __

Incendiary Ammo Resistance : Decreases damage taken from incendiary ammo by __

Explosive Ammo Resistance : Decreases damage taken from explosive ammo by __

Electro Ammo Resistance : Decreases damage taken from electro ammo by __

Normal Ammo Resistance : Decreases damage taken from normal ammo by __

Tight Aim Move Speed : Increases the speed of your player in tight aim by __

Scope Blackout Time : Reduces scope blackout time by __

Tight Aim Accuracy : Increases tight aim accuracy by __

Hipfire Accuracy : Increases hip fire accuracy by __