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Overview[edit | edit source]


Depots are a key utility to not just surviving, but to winning. Depots allow you to refill heath and ammunition for various weapons. These include heavy weapons, advanced melee weapons, and special armaments from the behemoth Hardsuits, to Area of Effect air-strikes. The Depot can be accessed by anyone provided there is no-one else using it. To access items in the Depot during battle you need to firstly have the item equipped in your Depot loadout (accessed in the equipment screen). You get the Health Refill, Ammo Refill, Heavy Weapon Refill, FT18 Flamethrower, RL5 Armor Stinger, and the HS01 Hardsuit by default, but the rest need to be purchased from the shop. Then during the game, to access these items from the Depot you need to earn enough CP to purchase them with. This is done by killing enemies, capturing objectives or assisting those who are. There are also bonuses for Killing High Threats, and becoming the Warlord and a High Threat for your team. The following items are available from the Depot when equipped to your Depot Loadout: