Heroes are premade characters with a complete collection of Tactical Gear, Depot Items and Premade Weapons, usually also sporting a unique visual design. All Heroes released thusfar carry their own fully customized primary and secondary [Weapons] which utilize a sixth loadout slot not accessible through normal means. Players may still use their other loadout slots (and thus [Weapons]) as normal while playing a Hero.

Heroes are notably permanent when purchased, and can also be won in a permanent form via Chance Packs. This is a compelling reason to buy a hero character or attempt to win one should a player be willing to spend Zen. For example, Grendel's set of grenades alone cost 1700 Zen to purchase permanently at time of writing, and buying the hero for 2000 Zen represents a significant saving over buying the Weapons, Attachments and Gear separately.

List of Heroes[]

Grendel - K.Moreau[]

Grendel standart skin.jpgGrendel platoon skin.jpgGrendel premium skin.jpg

There’s a time and a place for heavy weapons. That time is always, and that place is everywhere. K. Moreau, call sign “Grendel”, is a much sought after Agent due to his expertise in all things Heavy. Sporting custom made gear, Grendel is infamous for his ability to spearhead assaults even in the face of withering return fire. Capable of shrugging off immense amounts of punishment, facing down a charging Grendel is an enemy Agents worst nightmare.

Grendel's Stats
Health: 250 Armor: 12%
Stamina: 4.3s Run: 7.15s
HRV: 62.5u Recharge: 6.6u/s

Grendel's Equipment
Primary Weapon Titan H4 Grendel MG
Secondary Weapon Krane XS-V2 Grendel
Depot Item T56 Trident Minigun
Tactical Gear Barricade Mk.1
Equipment Frag Grenade Mk.1, HE Grenade Mk.1, Proximity Mine Mk.1, Digi Grenade Mk.1
Taunt 'Flex'

Grendel is characterized by his huge arsenal of weapons, including three lethal and one disruptive equipment item, and his dense Armor, which reaches the health cap of 250. To match Grendel in terms of Armor and Equipment load, a player would have to be close to Level 30 or use Zen to unlock items early. For this reason Grendel is a superb choice as a beginner hero as he provides excellent sustainability if slightly limited mobility, and as such is best played in a defensive role, holding points or laying down fire for faster Players.

Grendel has also achieved a number of 'firsts' in the game, being the first Hero released, the first Hero to receive a premium skin and the first character in the game to appear without a Helmet, confirming that (at least some) Agents are human in appearance.

Grendel can be bought for 2000 Zen, with an additional Platoon skin available for 500 Zen, and the Mercenary skin available from chance pack.


MARS standart Skin.jpgMARS civil Skin.jpgMARS peacekeeper Skin.jpg

Created by Armcom with a completely unique look compared to other Agent characters, M.A.R.S is a completely kitted out Hero character built from the ground up to be 100% combat ready right out of the box. Featuring a premade Assault Rifle and Heavy Pistol, M.A.R.S can dive right into battle alongside allied Agents. M.A.R.S also comes with a special taunt - the Robot Dance!

M.A.R.S.'s Stats
Health: 238 Armor: 25%
Stamina: 5.3s Run: 7.47s
HRV: 40.0u Recharge: 6.6u/s

M.A.R.S.'s Equipment
Primary Weapon MARS Frontier DBL
Secondary Weapon Krane STD-05 MARS
Depot Item Heavy Weapon Refill
Tactical Gear Ammunition Pod Mk.1
Equipment Frag Grenade Mk.1, Proximity Mine Mk.1
Taunt 'Robot Dance'

M.A.R.S. provides good defense with accurate mid to long range weapons. One of M.A.R.S's most unique features is his extremely high armor rating, providing 25% damage reduction against incoming headshots, allowing M.A.R.S. to survive that little bit longer against other players. M.A.R.S also has average stamina and run speed but high armor, and it is impossible to match his combination of defensive and mobility stats as a non-Hero without Data Nodes.

M.A.R.S. can be bought for 2000 Zen, with an additional Civil Defense skin available for 500 Zen, and the Peacekeeper skin available from chance pack.

Viper - J. Vansaint[]

Vyper standart skin.jpgVyper urban.jpgVyper zero skin.jpg

Viper specializes in close-quarter-combat and so is equipped with an SMG and a machete. Due to Viper's mask, people speculate he is inhuman. but no Blacklight Agent has seen Viper without armor. Viper has multiple armor camos to help him remain camouflaged when not using his cloaking device. During battle, viper had been wounded, blowing the left arm of his armor off, revealing Vansaints' infection.

Viper's Stats
Health: 175 Armor: 6%
Stamina: 9.9s Run: 9.18s
HRV: 70.0u Recharge: 6.6u/s

Viper's Equipment
Primary Weapon MMRS SPRS Viper
Secondary Weapon Taurex Viper LP-9MM
Depot Item GL-7 Bear Claw
Tactical Gear Cloak
Equipment Frag Grenade Mk.1, Machete
Taunt 'Shhh'

Viper is thus far the fastest and most agile hero released, sporting a variety of close range equipment that awards an aggressive, high mobility play style. This mobility comes at a price however as Viper's health makes him an easy target for players wielding a Bolt Action Rifle. Viper also has the distinction of being the first Hero to be released with a melee weapon as standard.

Viper can be bought for 2000 Zen, with an additional Urban Combat skin available for 500 Zen, and the Patient Zero skin available from chance pack.

Duchess - S. Bertolette[]

Duchess standard Skin.jpgDuchess ranger Skin.jpgDuchess royal Skin.jpg

Duchess is a specialized sniper for all combat situations. Equipped with a bolt action rifle and an incendiary revolver, She can take down foes of any size. Duchess has sacrificed her left arm for a robotic arm. This robotic arm allows Duchess to maintain a perfect aim for extended periods of time, minimizing all moments for precision accuracy at any range. The metallic neck guard around her neck allows her internal HUD and HRV unit to recharge at a phenomenal rate, allowing her to stay mobile and kept aware of enemy positions.

Duchess' Stats
Health: 162 Armor: 0%
Stamina: 10.6s Run: 9.53s
HRV: 70.0u Recharge: 10.0u/s

Duchess's Equipment
Primary Weapon Titan Duchess BAR
Secondary Weapon J3-CS Duchess
Depot Item A36 Brimstone
Tactical Gear Respawn Beacon
Equipment HRV Blackout Mk.1, Frag Grenade Mk.1
Taunt 'Ground Pound'

Duchess is a high-mobility, high-damage character with a long run time which allows her to cross even large maps very quickly. She is balanced by extremely low health, no armor and an average stamina recharge time. Sporting a custom Bolt Action Rifle and Revolver, Duchess carries two of the most damaging single-shot receivers in the game, allowing her to outmaneuver bulkier characters and finish them off quickly, either close up or at long range. Duchess carries the distinction of being the first female Hero to be released, and the much more dubious honor of being the first to have zero armor value, meaning a headshot from any weapon will provide it's full double damage bonus.

Duchess can be purchased for 2000 Zen, with an additional Ranger skin available for 500 Zen, and the Royal skin available from chance pack.

Deacon - T. Halsey[]


You fire enough bullets into something, and it tends to stop working. Luckily, there are elite engineers out there that excel in putting the pieces back together. Deacon just so happens to be among them. As an expert mechanical engineer, Deacon lives and breathes hardware. With a custom-tooled robotic manipulator strapped to his left arm, Deacon can work with precision on even the most hazardous of jobs.

Deacon's Stats
Health: 225 Armor: 12%
Stamina: 5.7s Run: 8.16
HRV: 70.0u Recharge: 6.2u/s

Deacon's Equipment
Primary Weapon Briar Deacon A1-CR
Secondary Weapon Titan SG-R9 Deacon
Depot Item RG057 Ghost
Tactical Gear Repair Tool
Equipment Breach Hammer, HRV Blackout Mk.1, Frag Grenade Mk.1, Shock Grenade Mk.1
Taunt 'Thumbs Up'

Sporting an exo-skeletal robotic left arm, Deacon has a completely unique look compared to any other Agent in the game. Deacon also sports well rounded stats, with above average HP. Coming equipped with the Repair Gun tactical gear, Deacon is perfectly suited for the Siege game mode.

Deacon can be purchased for 2000 Zen, with an additional Engineer skin available for 500 Zen, and the Full Exoframe skin available from chance pack.

Lilith - S. Karalis[]


S. Karalis – codename “Lilith” – is an expert hardsuit pilot, but she’s equally comfortable without her armor. Her default gear loadout is the Hardsuit Battle Mode and three support grenades. Her default depot selection is heavier hitting, with options including a Brimstone airstrike, the Stinger, and a hardsuit (naturally).

Lilith's Stats
Health: 238 Armor: 21%
Stamina: 4.3s Run: 7.47
HRV: 55.0u Recharge: 8.3u/s

Lilith's Equipment
Primary Weapon Redsand VCPD-6 Lilith
Secondary Weapon Foiche Inc.3 Lilith
Depot Item A36 Brimstone
Tactical Gear Hardsuit Battle Mode
Equipment EMP Grenade Mk.1, Digi Grenade Mk.1, Shock Grenade Mk.1
Taunt 'Step Off'

Lilith can be purchased for 2000 Zen, and is also available as part of the Evacuation Pack.

Chronos - R. O'Conner[]


Hack control nodes faster with Chronos, equipped with an autoturret and an HRV decoy – perfect for setting traps or standing guard while you hack.

Chronos' Stats
Health: 150 Armor: 0%
Stamina: 12.6s Run: 9.85
HRV: 77.5u Recharge: 9.2u/s

Chronos' Equipment
Primary Weapon Briar Chronos CQ-CR
Secondary Weapon Krane AMP-7 Chronos
Depot Item AT-D4 Deployable Turret
Tactical Gear Firewall Breach Kit
Equipment Frag Grenade Mk.1, HRV Decoy Mk.1
Taunt 'Suck It'

Chronos can be purchased for 2000 Zen.

Lazarus - B. Hinds[]


A medic hero. Moves quickly and has slightly increased health, but lacks armor. Uses healing items and a burstfire rifle.

Lazarus' Stats
Health: 187 Armor: 0%
Stamina: 7.9s Run: 9.18
HRV: 70.0u Recharge: 6.6u/s

Lazarus' Equipment
Primary Weapon Krane A4 Lazarus
Secondary Weapon Taurex Lazarus LPX
Depot Item Health Refill
Tactical Gear Revival Injector Mk.1
Equipment Frag Grenade Mk.1, Digi Grenade Mk.1
Taunt 'Kiss'

Ghost - J. Haussen[]

Ghost preview.jpg

A sniper hero. Ghost has good stamina and HRV duration.

Ghost's Stats
Health: 205 Armor: 3%
Stamina: 6.7s Run: 8.36
HRV: 91.0u Recharge: 9.2u/s

Ghost's Equipment
Primary Weapon ArmCom AMR-471 Ghost
Secondary Weapon MP23z C Ghost
Depot Item KTN8 Katana
Tactical Gear HRV Cloak
Equipment HRV Decoy Mk.1, Stun Shuriken, Personal Holo-decoy
Taunt 'Classy Salute'

Crusher - A. Hernandez[]

Crusher preview.jpg

An EMT hero. Has increased health and armor at the cost of movement speed. Uses a heal injector and a shotgun.

Crusher's Stats
Health: 238 Armor: 21%
Stamina: 5.7s Run: 7.47
HRV: 55.0u Recharge: 8.3u/s

Crusher's Equipment
Primary Weapon Frontier STI-01 Crusher
Secondary Weapon Vulcan DRM Crusher
Depot Item Ammo Refill
Tactical Gear Heal Injector Mk.1
Equipment Frag Grenade Mk.1, EMP Grenade Mk.1
Taunt 'Thrust'

Artemis - M. Akimoto[]

Artemis preview.jpg

Artemis is a Hardsuit specialist hero, and wears her pilot’s suit into battle.

Artemis' Stats
Health: 200 Armor: 21%
Stamina: 6.3s Run: 7.82
HRV: 85.0u Recharge: 8.3u/s

Artemis' Equipment
Primary Weapon MMRS RX Artemis
Secondary Weapon Vulcan BP9 Artemis
Depot Item HS01a Hardsuit
Tactical Gear Hardsuit HRV Ping
Equipment Frag Grenade Mk.1, Combat Knife Mk.2
Taunt 'Flight'


Unreleased Heroes are those to which reference has been found in the game's files, or which have been previewed.

White Knight


Although not stated directly either by the developers or within the game it has been speculated that each Hero released is aligned with an in-game Corporation. Examples include Grendel, who bears an Overmatch logo on his ablative armor, Viper, who has an alternate skin with the OPRL logo and M.A.R.S., who has been created by ARMCOM.