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The Light Machine Gun (commonly referred to as the LMG) is a primary receiver that is dominant at close to medium range. The LMG deals high damage and boasts an 80 round belt-fed magazine, which is countered by its heavy recoil, reduced run speed and unreliable spread. Designed as a support weapon it is used more to suppress enemies and to make it easier for allies to move close. However, with the powerful damage and moderate fire-rate, it is possible to use it for an aggressive role, though it is important to remember that the LMG is more likely to lose against weapons like SMGs and Assault Rifles in close quarters.


This receiver is designed for close/medium range combat and is not recommended for long range combat. This is because it is still very inaccurate for extended fire in close range combat, even when aiming down sights. It should be noted that the Light Machine Gun has significant penalties to accuracy while moving compared to any other receiver; firing while stationary significantly improves the accuracy albeit not enough to make it effective past medium range, to counteract this major downside, modding the LMG will only reduce its range by 3/4 units. Therefore it is a wise idea to mod the LMG for low spread. Firing for prolonged periods of time is also more accurate and easily controlled than firing in short bursts, as recoil diminishes over time.

The default statistics for the weapon goes as follows:

Standard Tactical Savage
AMMO: 80/240 RELOAD: 6.67s
ZOOM: 1.30 SCOPE IN: 0.22s
SPREAD-AIM: 1.72° RECOIL: 7.69°
SPREAD-HIP 4.01° RANGE: 55/120
SPREAD-MOVE: 8.85° RUN: -0.50


Permanent: 6250 GP / 500 Zen


It can take many names from "Savage" to "Killer". Go here for a full list of names.

Premade Weapons[]

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Breach Front-Line Source Code

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MMRS EX9 Ricochet

Titan H4 Grendel MG

Silverwood CQC 'Harbinger'

Vulcan R19 'Face Impacter'

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