In Blacklight Retribution all primary and secondary weapons will have a customised name, which is based off their components (excluding weapon tags) and receiver. Each weapon receiver and weapon component has its own set of names, most of which are unique.

First Word[]

This is purely decided by the magazine of the weapon. These are all the possible first prefixes, which are shared between all primaries and secondaries unless stated otherwise. Note that magazines also have tiers that tie into the overall build.

Tier 1[]

Heavy - 80 round LMG-R magazine

Relentless - 70-Round AR-Magazine

Magnum - Magnum mags

Tier 2[]

Drummed - 50-Round AR-Magazine or the 16-Round SG-Magazine

Incendiary - Incendiary mags

Explosive - Explosive mags

Electro - EMP mags

Toxic - Toxic Mags

Scattershot - BLP scattershot round

Tier 3[]

Standard - Standard mags

Quick - Fast Reload mags

Light - Faster run-speed mags

Extended - Extended mags

Express - Express mags

Precision - Snub-260 Precision Cylinder

High Caliber - Snub-260 High Caliber Cylinder

Second Word[]

The second word refers to the components of the weapon. There are at the moment, 3 discovered Tiers of names for the second prefix. When the gun is customized the highest tier component is the one that names the gun. E.g, when the system is forced to choose between "Thundering" which is a tier 1 name, and "Ghostly", a tier 2 name, it will go with "Thundering" since it has the higher tier. If there are several components of the same tier, the system will follow this priority: Muzzles>Scopes>Barrels>Stocks

Tier 1[]

Rift - Thundering

Krane SPR1 - Audible

ArmCom Copperhead - Accented

ArmCom SYS3 - Armored

ArmCom Two-Step - Shrill

Silverwood RAS - Veiled

Briar Xl Brake - Tremoring

ArmCom Vatic IR - Infrared

EMI Fused Image IR - Infrared

Tier 2[]

Frontier Snuff - Concealed

Krane Blackbird - Elite

Titan AR4 - Unstoppable

Krane LR - Tactical

Briar Composite - Smoothbore

Vulcan Stalker - Hex

Vulcan BP - Angry

Silverwood SW - Mean

Briar Rhino - Stabilized

Hullbreach Ogre - Basic

Armcom Elite - Advanced

Krane GX3 - Cracking

Briar TDF - Brilliant

Briar Leatherneck - Agency

Silverwood EX - Fearsome

Frontier Jurisdiction - Enforced

Briar CQC-3 Zenith - Stabilized

Redsand R7 Rush - Stabilized

Lightsky L3 - Hidden

Krane FP-G38 - Spy

MMRS Flip-up - Flip-up

EMI Rival - Fiber-optic

EON F1 - Far Sight

Krane Kaur - Far Sight

Krane EX9 - Recon

Silverwood Cons - Scoped

OPRL Reflex - Tactical

Silverwood CH - Ghostly

Frontier X-light - Iron

Armcom CQB - Prototype

Lightsky Elo - Eagle-eye

EMI Cypher - Rail

EMI Fused - Sighted

ArmCom ESK - Auspex

EMI Cypher IR - Infrared

Silverwood BRS - Stabilized

ArmCom CQC - Brutal

V2 Folding - Composite

Hullbreach TSMA - Combat

Taurex ACP - Solid

Redsand S14 - Operator's

Krane STI-01 - Reinforced

Overmatch JLM - Veteran

Krane CP2 - Technical

Vulcan ACP - Collapsible

ArmCom AC10 - Operator's

Tier 3[]

ArmCom SYS - Shadow

Hullbreach ZXI - Hidden

Frontier SRM - Silent

Briar S11 - Covert

Vulcan QDSS - Repercussive

Briar XS - Spy

Krane RXS - Treacherous

Vulcan R36 - Spectrum

ArmCom NT4 - Suppressed

Silverwood X35 - N/A

Titan FFB - Ranged

Lightsky Raider - N/A

Frontier ULS - N/A

Krane KOG - Galloping

Third Word[]

Naming Logic[]

Third word is dependent on the tier of the parts currently equipped on the weapon and how many high tier parts it has. For example, an Assault Rifle starts with the name "Standard Tactical Knight"; if we were to add a low tier muzzle such as the ArmCom SYS onto it, it now becomes "Standard Shadow Classic", as it transitioned from the first name, "Knight", to the 2nd name, "Classic". If we were to put a high tier muzzle such as the Krane SPR1 instead, it now becomes "Standard Audible Rebel".
In order to achieve the last name, a gun generally must have a tier 1 muzzle and tier 1-2 scope and stock (where applicable).
All gun names are in order of acquiring (1 high level part, 2 high level parts, etc.). We must also note that some of the parts/receiver possible names are not unique (ex. "Hunter" for both BFP and BAR).

Note: All guns have "Classic" as a 2nd possible name, and thus is not included in the listing below.


Assault Rifle[]

The Assault Rifles have names that seem to be around the theme of 'Chaos vs. Order'.

Assault Rifle Names: "Knight", "Stallion", "Jackal, "Rebel" and "Templar".

Bolt Action Rifle[]

The Bolt Action Rifles take names that are metaphors for different types of snipers.

Bolt Action Rifle Names: "Paladin", "Mercenary", "Prototype", "Nightmare" and "Hunter".

Combat Rifle[]

The Combat Rifles use a theme of 'Professionals' with the names, symbolic with their difficulty compared with other weapons.

Combat Rifle Names: "Hot-shot", "Spartan", "Expert", "Negotiator" and "Lance".

Burstfire Rifle[]

Burstfire Rifles take their names from wedge-headed weapons, which reflects their ability to deal potent damage in a short burst.

Burstfire Rifle Names: "Hatchet", "Maul", "Battle-Axe", "Butcher", "Tomahawk".

Submachine Gun[]

The Submachine Guns get their names from various descriptions of melee fighting, reflecting their close quarters dominance.

Submachine Gun Names: "Fighter", "Boxer", "Contender", "Duelist" and "Wildcat".

Light Machine Gun[]

The Light Machine Guns are named such as to reflect their destructive nature.

Light Machine Gun Names: "Savage", "Pillager", "Demolisher" , "Raider" and "Killer".

AK470 Rifle[]

As a reference to the long lasting legacy of the AK-47 and its derivatives, AK-470 rifles takes names that reflects its history.

AK470 Rifle Names: "Artifact", "Remnant", "Relic", "Memento".

Heavy Assault Rifle[]

The Heavy Assault Rifles get their names from various mighty figures that impose respect.

Heavy Assault Rifle Names: "Punisher", "Vulture", "Ambassador", "Kestrel", "Powerhouse".

M4X Rifle[]

Based off the M4 and the M16 rifle series, the M4X rifles take the names of tactical assault groups.

M4X Rifle Names: "Infantry", "Brigade", "Formation".

Tactical Submachine Gun[]

Tacical Submachine Guns are named to reflect their hit-and-run nature.

Tactical Submachine Gun Names: "Element", "Wasp", "Scrounger".

Light Machine Gun - Recon[]

The Recon Light Machine Guns takes their names from unnatural and unpleasant phenomena. They used to be the only weapons that showed two words (skipping the first word related to the magazine type); with the Evac patch, all LMG-Rs now display the full three word names.

Light Machine Gun - Recon Names: "Calamity", "Blight", "Disaster", "Plague", "Tormentor".

Bullpup Full Auto[]

The Bullpup Full Auto rifles have names with a rebel theme.

Bullpup Full Auto Names: "Combatant", "Militant", "Instigator", "Dissident", "Caballero".

Burstfire Submachine Gun[]

Burstfire Submachine Guns have names that reinforce their high speed and high damage nature.

Burstfire Submachine Gun Names: "Animal", "Sprinter", "Huntsman".

Anti-Materiel Rifle[]

The Anti-Materiel Rifles take their names from their role of delivering specialized rounds that disable military equipment (materiel).

Anti-Materiel Rifle Names: "Saboteur", "Adversary", "Antagonist".


Light Pistol[]

Light Pistols names have a defensive theme (besides the comical peashooter), related to the fact that they are only used to defend oneself after the primary weapon has run out of ammo.

Light Pistol Names: "Peashooter", "Defender", "Patroler", "Stonewall"

Heavy Pistol[]

Heavy Pistols take the names of figures of authority.

Heavy Pistol Names:"Custodian", "Cleaner", "Saint", "Hardballer"

Burstfire Pistol[]

Burstfire Pistols have names that reflect their difficulty compared to most secondaries. (some of the BFP names seem to be taken from other receivers)

Burstfire Pistol Names:"Regular", "Spartan", "Slayer", "Firebrand", "Champion", "Hunter"


Revolvers have just one name that emphasizes their high damage and low rate of fire.

Revolver Name: "Spitfire"


The shotguns are named after their extreme dominance in close quarters.

Shotgun Names: "Bully", "Menace", "Brawler"

Machine Pistol[]

Machine Pistols take the names of knives or swords.

Machine Pistol Names: "Shank", "Blade", "Cutlass"

Shotgun Assault Rifle -k[]

Shotgun Assault Rifles have names that emphasize the high rate of fire of the weapon, drowning enemies in pellets.

Shotgun Assault Rifle -k Names: "Riptide", "Charger", "Downpour"

Breech Loaded Pistol[]

The Breach Loaded Pistol has one name that is a reference to the way it will literally brand it's target with a searing hot round.

Breech Loaded Pistol Names: "Firebrand"


Snubs have no special receiver related names. However, when someone is killed by a Snub, the kill message "X was given a Balik special" sometimes appears. Balik was a city in Blacklight Tango Down.

Snub-260 Name: "Classic"