Premade weapons are weapons with complete attachments that can be bought right away from the Marketplace for Zen or GP. They cannot be further modified after they are purchased, and their attachments cannot be equipped on custom weapons. The premade weapons available in the shops are rotated regularly and will be replaced with a different premade for that receiver. So, if you like a specific premade, make sure to buy it or you may miss out.


Week: 1520 GP or 1425 GP | 160 Zen or 150 Zen (depends on weapon)

Permanent: 695 Zen or 595 Zen (depends on weapon)

Premade weapons cannot be permanently unlocked using Game Points. Specific premade weapons can be permanently unlocked by purchasing the Starter Pack or one of the Heroes.


The preset creation event was an event held in which the community members were asked to design and name a premade weapon to be put into the game. The winners and their entries were:

FourthDawn with The Burning Sensation (SMG)

Crookk51 with The Regulator (AR)

Rinkyushi with the Breach Front-Line Source Code (LMG)

mpare98 with the "Thundering Vanquisher A-60" (BAR)

Tiomteo with the ArmCom HVK 44 Thumper (HAR)

Aggh with the Stealthy Tactical Tryhard (CR)

asda653 with the Radian Industries FT-90 Fortune (BR)

Primary Weapons

Assault RifleSub Machine GunBolt Action RifleCombat RifleLight Machine GunBurstfire RifleAK470 RifleHeavy Assault RifleM4X RifleTactical Sub Machine GunLight Machine Gun - ReconBullpup Full AutoBurst Fire Sub Machine GunAnti-Materiel Rifle

Secondary Weapons

Light PistolHeavy PistolBurstfire PistolRevolverShotgunMachine PistolShotgun AR-kBreech Loaded PistolSnub 260

Melee Weapons

Combat Knife Mk.1Combat Knife Mk.2MacheteBreach HammerThrowing KnifeStun ShurikenExploding TomahawkBlack Mesa CrowbarSilver Crowbar


Frag Grenade Mk.1EMP Grenade Mk.1Digi Grenade Mk.1Shock Grenade Mk.1Toxic Grenade Mk.1HE Grenade Mk.1Stun Mine Mk.1Proximity Mine Mk.1

Depot Weapons

A36 BrimstoneAT-D4 Deployable TurretFT18 FlamethrowerGL-7 Bear ClawHS01a HardsuitKTN8 KatanaMK1 Assault BotRG057 GhostRL2a SwarmRL5 Armor StingerT56 Trident