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The RL2a Swarm is a rocket launcher designed solely for taking down enemy agents.

At 1000 CP, it is one of the most expensive depot items, and also comes with very little ammunition.


The RL2a Swarm is the opposite of the RL5 Armor Stinger. While its less fancy twin deals a high amount of damage in a small radius, the Swarm instead deals relatively low damage across an extremely large radius. Generally any agent trapped within this radius will be instantly killed, but as a trade-off it will only deal a very small amount of damage to take down a Hardsuit, making it a poor choice for an anti-Hardsuit role.

Despite the size of the Swarm's warhead, it requires some finesse in order to get the most out of the Swarm's unusual projectile. Unlike the Stinger, it requires a sufficient amount of distance for the warhead to arm, otherwise it will just impact off of one target and drop to the ground before detonating with an explosion similar to a HE Grenade Mk.1.

With sufficient distance, the Swarm rocket splits into multiple smaller rockets, homing in on the target at the time of firing. On impact, each of these rockets detonate with an explosion comparable to the HE Grenade, devastating enough to kill even the heaviest agents. What exactly triggers the Swarm is as of yet undetermined, though it appears to use a proximity fuse, and might split prematurely if fired along a wall or through narrow gaps. It's generally best to use the Swarm in open areas where the rocket's multiple warheads can cover a wide swath without allowing enemy agents cover to hide behind.


Week: 2660 GP / 280 Zen

Permanent: 12500 GP / 1000 Zen

This item cannot be purchased using GP unless the character is level 3 or higher.

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