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Overview[edit | edit source]

A receiver is the first part chosen in the creation of a custom weapon. It will determine which weapon attachments can be added to affect the stats of the weapon.

Primary Weapon Receivers[edit | edit source]

Image Name Note
Assault Rifle
The Assault Rifle is a balanced weapon overall, offering a high rate of fire with moderate stopping power.
Bolt Action Rifle
The Bolt-Action Rifle is an extremely long-range, extremely powerful weapon, but a new bullet must be loaded into the chamber after each shot.
Combat Rifle
The Combat Rifle is a extremely long-range semi-automatic weapon with moderate stopping power.
Burstfire Rifle
The Burstfire Rifle fires quick bursts of three bullets, with a tight spread.
Sub Machine Gun
The SMG is an extremely fast automatic weapon, though the individual bullets don't pack much punch.
Light Machine Gun
The Light Machine Gun has an exceptionally high rate of fire and a high ammo capacity, but sacrifices accuracy for the sheer volume of bullets.
Heavy Assault Rifle
The Heavy Assault Rifle may not be the fastest or most accurate reciever, but it makes up for it in sheer stopping power and good range.
Burst Fire Sub Machine Gun
The Burstfire SMG (commonly known as the BSMG) is a 4 round burstfire SMG.
Tactical Sub Machine Gun
The Tactical SMG offers an extremely high rate of fire and mobility with very little recoil, but with a high spread and reload speed.
Light Machine Gun - Recon
The LMG-R has a very high rate of fire and a quick reload speed, but very low accuracy.

Secondary Weapon Receivers[edit | edit source]

Light Pistol

Heavy Pistol

Burstfire Pistol



Machine Pistol