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The T56 Trident is a powerful man-carried 300-round Minigun purchased from the depot.

While lacking the armor and durability of the similar Hardsuit-mounted Minigun, the Trident is a powerful weapon for Agents, dealing damage comparable to a Heavy Assault Rifle but at a significantly higher rate of fire.

At 750 CP, it is much cheaper - half the price of a Hardsuit - allowing it to be acquired quickly and easily early in most matches.


The high rate of fire and damage is somewhat offset by the weapon's inherent recoil and accuracy. While the recoil is not as severe as the Light Machine Gun, combined with the spread during prolonged firing, using the T56 on the move is a bit less effective then one might imagine. Coupled with its relatively low damage compared to other Depot Items, it is a poor choice for taking on enemy Hardsuits directly and is best used as an anti-personnel weapon exclusively.

Like many other Depot weapons, moving around with the T56 out results in significantly slower movement, and the user is unable to jump if they lack the stamina to do so.


Week: 1330 GP / 140 Zen

Permanent: 6250 GP / 500 Zen

This item cannot be purchased using GP unless the character is level 10 or higher.

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