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Tactical gear consists of helpful items that, like the name expresses, are used to give you and your team a tactical advantage when used properly. Tactical equipment is purchased from the Marketplace under the Gear-section just like Depot Items and Equipment. To use a Tactical Gear it needs to be outfitted in your Customization-screen in the Equipment-menu under the point Gear. The default-key to use a Tactical Gear is C.

Because Tactical Gear is worn on the back, a player can only have a single Tactical Gear equipped at a time. The Tactical Gear that is outfitted can not be changed during the game, only during intermission or if not in a match.

Tactical Gear[]

Image / Name Skill Class Use Effect Range Note
Revival Injector MK1.jpg
Revival Injector Mk.1
- - - - - Throw at downed teammates to return them to action.
Repair Tool.jpg
Repair Tool
Skill Repair +495/s Instant 2.6m Allows you to repair mechanical devices while equipped. Deals a small amount of shock damage to enemies.
Ammunition Pod MK1.jpg
Ammunition Pod Mk.1
Skill Ammo 2 300.0s - Tactical Gear. Drops an Ammunition Pod that players can use to refill their ammo.
Heal Injector MK1.jpg
Heal Injector Mk.1
Skill Heal +100/+50 1.5s 10.0m Heals a friendly target for 100 health, or self for 50 health, over 1.5 seconds. Poisons an enemy target, reducing their health by 100 over 15 seconds.
Hardsuit Battle Mode.jpg
Hardsuit Battle Mode
- - - - - Use while inside a Hardsuit to temporarily disable the weak point for 5 seconds.
Hardsuit HRV Ping.jpg
Hardsuit HRV Ping
- - - - - Use while inside a Hardsuit to generate a temporary HRV ping to locate your enemies.
- - - - - Renders your nearly invisible until turned off.

Cloak mk2
- - - - - Renders your nearly invisible for 10 seconds, more effective than mk1.
Barricade MK1.jpg
Barricade Mk.1
- - - - - Hold to shield yourself from the front. Can be placed on the ground for stationary cover. Lasts until you deploy a new one.

Barricade Mk.2
- - - - - Goes on your back until used. Your emblem goes in the middle of it. This shield cannot be placed, but is lighter than the Mk.1. It is also transparent, and therefore easier to melee with.
BP respawnbeacon.jpg
Respawn Beacon
Explosive Dropped 50 Instant 4.5m Respawn Beacon allows an agent to Respawn at a specific location.

HRV Cloak
- - - - - Hides you from HRV detection.
Firewall Breach Kit
- - - - - Netwarfare suit with advanced hacking and HRV support.