Weapons are all manner of armaments and equipment primarily designed to bring harm and/or kill enemy Agents. In Blacklight: Retribution most, if not all weapons can be categorized as either being a primary weapon, secondary weapon, melee weapon, explosives, or an improvised weapon.

If you want to know more about weapon stats and what each one does, visit this page: Weapon Stats.

Effective range.png

Primary Weapons[]

The diagram to the right is an approximation of the effective range of each of the primary receivers. (click to enlarge)

These are an Agent's primary armament as the name suggests. This designation of weapon is used to describe the Assault Rifle, Bolt Action Rifle, Burstfire Rifle, Combat Rifle, Sub Machine Gun, Light Machine Gun, Heavy Assault Rifle, M4X Rifle, AK470 Rifle, Light Machine Gun Recon, Tactical Sub Machine Gun, Burst Fire Sub Machine Gun, Bullpup Full Auto, and Anti-Materiel Rifle. These weapons typically have the highest ammunition counts, with the exception of the Combat Rifle, Bolt-Action Rifle, and Anti-Materiel Rifle. These weapons are typically what an Agent will use first in an engagement, before switching to a secondary weapon if the situation demands.

Secondary Weapons[]

These are an Agent's backup if he or she runs out of their primary weapon's ammunition or cannot afford to reload during a firefight. They are typically inferior to an Agent's primary weapon. Secondary Weapons have less ammunition and range, but they make up for this by being much lighter, as well as having faster draw and aim speeds and overall better handling capabilities. This designation is for the Light Pistol (also known as the 9mm Pistol), Heavy Pistol (also known as the .45 Pistol), Revolver, Burstfire Pistol, Shotgun, Machine Pistol, Shotgun AR-k, Breech Loaded Pistol, and Snub 260. Agents are usually able to run faster by drawing their sidearm, depending on the primary and secondary weapons equipped. This should be noted and is a recommended tactic when you need to move quickly to another place.

Melee Weapons[]

When the situation calls for it, an Agent should draw his or her melee weapon. These range from the simple Combat Knife Mk.1 and Machete to the sophisticated Sonic Knife (also known as the Combat Knife Mk.2) as well as the high-powered Breach Hammer. There are three throw-able melee weapons: the Stun Shuriken, Throwing Knives, and the Exploding Tomahawk. Most melee weapons are simple to use and can make short work of your enemy with proficient use. Most of these weapons have minimal range (i.e arm's length), but have much greater maneuverability than any sidearm. Melee weapons also have the ability to negate the weight of other equipment, similar to sidearms, but it should be noted that a knife is a much poorer defense than a handgun or shotgun.


Explosives provide the potential to change the situation in your favor. These weapons have the highest damage of all weapons that can be equipped to an Agent. However these weapons also do splash damage, being able to kill both the enemy and yourself, but not your teammates. These weapons range from the standard Frag Grenade and the HE Grenade to the EMP, Toxic, and Shock Grenades which can blind, poison, or severely hinder movement, depending on the grenade. These effects also apply to the Hardsuit.

Depot Weapons[]

The equipment and weapons from the depot can provide a tide-turning edge to the battle. Whether it be in the form of a Hardsuit or Airstrike, the depot can provide all sorts of heavy weaponry. These weapons are potentially the hardest hitting weapons available. In order to access a depot weapon, you must first have the sufficient CP (Combat Points) to purchase the desired item. CP is earned by eliminating hostile agents, capturing objectives or supporting allied agents attempting to do either of those two.

Improvised Weapons[]

These are items found in the environment that are not intended to be used as a weapon, but can be used against the enemy. These include the red barrels in several maps including Piledriver. Only the red barrels explode, so shooting a green or any other colored barrel will not cause an explosion. The Hardsuit can be dropped on a player, but is very difficult to do. The Heal Injector and Repair Tool can also be used as last resort weapons which can be used to damage and kill unsuspecting enemy Agents.

Primary Weapons

Assault RifleSub Machine GunBolt Action RifleCombat RifleLight Machine GunBurstfire RifleAK470 RifleHeavy Assault RifleM4X RifleTactical Sub Machine GunLight Machine Gun - ReconBullpup Full AutoBurst Fire Sub Machine GunAnti-Materiel Rifle

Secondary Weapons

Light PistolHeavy PistolBurstfire PistolRevolverShotgunMachine PistolShotgun AR-kBreech Loaded PistolSnub 260

Melee Weapons

Combat Knife Mk.1Combat Knife Mk.2MacheteBreach HammerThrowing KnifeStun ShurikenExploding TomahawkBlack Mesa CrowbarSilver Crowbar


Frag Grenade Mk.1EMP Grenade Mk.1Digi Grenade Mk.1Shock Grenade Mk.1Toxic Grenade Mk.1HE Grenade Mk.1Stun Mine Mk.1Proximity Mine Mk.1

Depot Weapons

A36 BrimstoneAT-D4 Deployable TurretFT18 FlamethrowerGL-7 Bear ClawHS01a HardsuitKTN8 KatanaMK1 Assault BotRG057 GhostRL2a SwarmRL5 Armor StingerT56 Trident